disorder in singapore

35mm photography series taken in singapore

singapore is known for being modern, clean, efficient, and safe. taking a stroll through singapore's streets shows us that life has its own version of orderly and neat.

the use of various film cameras adds another layer of chaos and imperfections.

update: huge thanks to Oliver Kish and the folks at the them.gallery for exhibiting this essay in my home town of Youngstown, Ohio (feb 2017). totally flattered by Chrissy Robles piece published on Lomography yaaay!

mark l chaves disorder in singapore
man down
mark l chaves marklchaves photography 35mm singapore bali indonesia writer
the lizard king
mark l chaves disorder in singapore
i never liked colouring in between the lines
mark l chaves disorder in singapore

what ever you do -- don't touch the spinning orb

mark l chaves disorder in singapore
disorder in singapore photo series by mark l chaves 35mm film
safety man
mark l chaves disorder in singapore
you've got mail
disorder in singapore photograph series mark l chaves
'orderly' disorder
mark l chaves photographer writer marklchaves disorder in singapore 35mm film

modern day stump

marklchaves freelance photographer singapore bali indonesia 35mm film photography streetphography lifestyles

in love with that lonely feeling -- kampong glam

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