I geek-out on your digital investments so that you can focus on your passion.

20/20 vision 

i have over twenty years of experience slinging code and managing web development teams for Fortune 500 companies.

i actively maintain over twenty websites ranging in the retail, art, design, wellness, travel, & corporate fields.

why me?

transparency - i let you know what i'm doing because i think you should know. how else can you be educated about your website, make informed decisions, or get second opinions?

agile - i practice the Agile methodology. this means i adapt quickly to course changes. change happens in the blink of an eye. Agile methodology embraces change and provides a flexible framework for getting things done on time. i deliver working product in digestible chunks when you need it. and, you are kept in the loop all the time.

solutions - i'm a geek. i love to solve problems. this is my main motivation. i get inspired when i provide you a solution.

mark l chaves

wondering about creating a website?

  • can i use my free gmail account?
  • do i need a custom domain?
  • will my selfies be good enough?
  • should i worry about SEO?

checkout my top-5 recommendations before launching your site.

what's the first thing your website visitor should see?

  • your header is the first thing a visitor will see. so, what should go in your header--images, buttons, taglines?
  • is a nav bar (menu) necessary? what about socials?

here are my five essential components for a home page header.

contemplating email marketing?

avoid the common trap of creating an email list for every type of client you want to reach out to. find out why you should have only one email marketing list.

thinking of blogging?

what's the difference between categories and tags? is using one better than the other?

if you are confused by categories and tags, don't worry. you are in very good company. read this and be a blogging hero.

afraid your writing isn't up to par?

writing wordy and complex sentences is the most common issue i see. do yourself and your reader a favour. keep your sentences simple.

go back to basics--your audience will love you for it.

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