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  1. Can us Humans Really Multitask?

    07 Oct 2016

    It kinda depends. Let me share a quick test I’ve been giving at corporate training sessions to illustrate. At each session, I’ve been asking a lucky volunteer, who claimed to be an exceptional multitasker, to do the following: Watch a 40-second video While watching the video, take a…

  2. The secret to Self-compassion - is it all about me?

    25 Dec 2015

    self-compassion creates space for empathy - a sunny day in Ubud Bali Is being nice to yourself selfish, self-centered, or narcissistic? If you are truly selfish, self-centered, or narcissistic, you will need to feel good about yourself all the time. In other words, you will need to have-it-all for yourself,…

  3. Why do you think people quit their job?

    14 Sep 2015

    Why do you think people quit their job? Take a guess on the number one reason people resign Drum rrrrrooooll: most people quit their job because they don’t feel they are ’included’. In other words, people don’t feel that their voices or opinions are heard. People also don’t…

  4. what is an advanced practitioner?

    23 Dec 2014

    The best Yoga practitioner is the one having the most fun beach reflections in the maldives “I am not good at Yoga. I am not advanced. Is Yoga hard?” If I ever do a scientific study (hmmm maybe, I will) on the first sentence yoga students say when they meet…

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