1. How to Make your Website Rock with Stunning Portraits

    Date 03 May 2018
    portrait of Deyas published on Loop Images UK. Often, I get asked for what kind of pictures are needed to make a good website. I want to share with you some suggestions that won’t make your website just look good–these suggestions will help make your website rock! Bokeh First…

  2. Help for Newbie Interior Photographers

    Date 20 Jan 2018
    Commission for the Rooms at Kalang Spa by mark l chaves. I just spent some time critiquing an interior photograph that was submitted to the Fstoppers Architectural Photography group. Because I’m a newbie myself, I thought I’d share the guidance I’ve received. Here’s the image that was posted for group…

  3. First Name First

    Date 09 Jan 2018
    Hi , you’ve got mail. Raise you hand if you ever got a promo or newsletter email addressed to “Hi ,”. 👋 Raise your hand if you were ever guilty of being on the sending end of this email faux paus. 👋 Yup, been there done that too. Pro tip

  4. Using categories and tags

    Date 31 Dec 2017
    Using categories and tags, which one is better? When I finally sat down to write this piece, the first analogy I thought of to help me explain categories was from a TV show. It was an episode of Gomer Pyle, USMC (c. mid-1960s). I wasn’t much of a fan of…

  5. Top 5 Website Pre-launch Must-dos

    Date 22 Oct 2017
    Here are my top five things I wish my solopreneur clients knew before starting up a website: Number 5: Content Content Content Don’t have a name or title for your website yet? Then I suggest you nail this one down before you do anything else. If you have something…

  6. How-to Get a Free Call to Action Button

    Date 27 May 2017
    people like to press buttons —photo by mark l chaves 35mm film taken in bangkok, thailand. Did I mention the word free? Are you tired of paying for fancy buttons or wondering if you can make a button yourself? Have you ever heard of a CTA but don’t know what it means? Well then,…

  7. MailChimp - Kicking off a Date-based Automation Workflow

    Date 31 Jan 2017
    for my SexyFit™ clients The automation workflow I set up for you is based on a start date field. I built in this field when I created your automation list. The date that should go in there should always be Day 1 of the 7-Day MySmartStart (the first day of…

  8. Can us Humans Really Multitask?

    Date 07 Oct 2016
    It kinda depends. Let me share a quick test I’ve been giving at corporate training sessions to illustrate. At each session, I’ve been asking a lucky volunteer, who claimed to be an exceptional multitasker, to do the following: Watch a 40-second video While watching the video, take a…

  9. Why You Should Stop Freaking Out Over Duplicate Content

    Date 30 Jan 2016
    duplicate content isn’t always bad - bali museum on 35mm film text and photos by @marklchaves What Writers and Publishers Should Know about Duplicate Content Scenario A Have you ever done this? Let’s call it Scenario A: Get an idea for an articleCreate a draft on your personal blog to…

  10. The secret to Self-compassion - is it all about me?

    Date 25 Dec 2015
    self-compassion creates space for empathy - a sunny day in Ubud Bali Is being nice to yourself selfish, self-centered, or narcissistic? If you are truly selfish, self-centered, or narcissistic, you will need to feel good about yourself all the time. In other words, you will need to have-it-all for yourself,…

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