mark l chaves

striving to perceive things as they truly are, through the expressions of art, story, and wisdom.

Hailing from NE Ohio in the US, Mark is a photographer, writer, and consultant based in Bali, Indonesia. He provides international training and workshops in leadership, wellness, and digital media technology.

A fond love for sharing stories led Mark to be a freelance writer and photographer. He contributes to news, wellness, travel, and photography agencies. Mark's photography has been exhibited in Bali and the US. Before morphing into a freelancer, Mark slung code and managed web teams for Fortune 500 companies.

Mark’s favourite meditations are a good book with a cappuccino, feeding stray cats and dogs, and wishing to be a rock star in his next life. He would be very disappointed if you were in Bali and didn't meet him for a coffee.

Keep up with Mark's writing on diaforlife,, Medium, and his blog. Follow Mark's photography portfolio on tumblr, EyeEm, and See Mark's Instagram feed below.

Mark exchanges wellness and software engineering tips on Quora and collects leadership stories worth sharing on Pinterest.

the longer story for your reading pleasure

Prior to becoming a freelancer, Mark was part of the award-winning [Condé Nast, Spa Asia, SpaFinder] team as a wellness consultant at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali, Indonesia.

Mark is also an experienced technical manager that came through the ranks as a software engineer. Amassing over twenty years in tech, Mark led product development teams for companies such as IBM, Oracle, LA Fitness, and Sony.

During Mark's software gigs, he had fun 1) orchestrating Sony Playstation Online's first cloud hosting platform, 2) taking the reins for, 3) geeking-out while coding Oracle's first web-based help system, and 4) rubbing elbows with the inventors of the Arpanet.

"I really appreciated Mark's acceptance and willingness to want his students to understand his workshop--we all came in today at different levels and backgrounds.  He was able to talk in a way that all of us could understand."

-San Diego, April 2016

"Mark's photography evokes a wonderful cinematic mood."

-Bali, December 2015

"I enjoy working with Mark because of his passion and his artistic concepts."

-Bali, November 2015

"Mark is a committed and dedicated trainer. He provides timely responses and takes his job very seriously. His presentation was enjoyable and insightful."

-Singapore, September 2015

please get in touch for information regarding bookings, to find out how someone from the 'rust-belt' of the USA made it to Bali, or to say hello.

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